GoGo Foundation Eastablished 'GoGo Foundation Running Award' to Encourage Ethical Leadership to Promote Good Governance in Nepal Hari Bahadur Thapa, receiving GoGo Foundation Award-2017 GoGo Foundation launched the Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI) 2016 GoGo Foundaiton's General Secretary Anita Bindu speaking at the Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on CSO Chief Secretary Dr Somlal Subedi handing overed the Letter of Commendation to Kulman Ghising, Executive Director, Nepal Electricity Authority Kulman Ghising, receiving GoGo Foundation Award-2016 Dr Somlal Subedi, Chief Secretary, Office of Prime Minister & Council of Minister along with CSO representatives unveiling CSOSI Report 2015 Dr Somlal Subedi, Chief Secretary, Office of Prime Minister & Council of Minister speaking at the CSOSI 2015 Report lauhcing porgram Rt. Hon'ble Chief Justice Kalyan Shrestha handingover the 'GoGo Foundation Award' to Prof Dr Bhagawan Koirala on 11 Feb. 2016 Rt. Hon'ble Kalyan Shrestha, Chief Justice of Nepal (center) speaking at the 'CSO Sustainability Index' Launching Ceremony organized by GoGo Foundation on 11 Feb. 2016 GoGo Foundation President Kedar Khadka Presenting the 'CSO Sustainability Index' at the Report Launching Program on 11 Feb. 2016 Maria Barron, Director, Democracy & Governance, USAID Speaking at the 'CSO Sustainability Index Score Exercise' organized by the GoGo Foundation on 31 May 2015 GoGo President Kedar Khadka Facilitating the CSO Sustainability Index Exercise on 31 May 2015 GoGo Relief Package Distribution to Quake Victims at Belkot VDC, Nuwakot District of Nepal Quake Victims are waiting to Receive GoGo Relief Packages on May 2015 GoGo Organized Social Accountability Exposure Visit to Nepal for Pakistani High Level Delegets GoGo Team Facilitated on the job Training on Social Accountability Tools to Promote Municipal Governance GoGo Seminar on Quality Construction & Need of Civic Vigilance GoGo Public Hearing GoGo Community Score Card Exercise GoGo Orientation Program on Right to Information




   In Focus


Dialogue on CSOs Accreditation in Nepal

GoGo Foundation organized a 'Dialogue on CSOs Accreditation to Assess the Scope and Benefits in the Changed Context' in Kathmandu on 26 July 2019. CSO representatives from different organizations took part in the program. All the participants have voted to have 'CSO Accreditation' system introduce to build the better images of the CSOs in Nepal. Overwhelmed participants appreciated the efforts made by the GoGo Foundation for initiating the CSO Accreditation system formation process in Nepal. Kharel.

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CSR Funding for Social Cause

For the first in Nepal, GoGo Foundation in collaboration with the National Business Initiative (NBI) organized a dialogue among CSO and business leaders including senior government officials on 21 June 2019 in Kathmandu. Attended by 64 participants to explore the possibilities of joining hands together for social cause through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding. At the end of the program, a Joint Commitment was also issued to advance CSR campaign in Nepal.

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Good Governance Training for Local Awareness

GoGo Foundation's BIHANI Project (funded by UK Aid) in partnership with the Gajuri Rural Municipality (Palika) of the Dhading District, Province-3 organized a two days long 'Good Governance Training for Local Awareness'' to enable particularly single women, dalits, senior/poor citizens to access local government services and goods meant for them. More than 31 participants took part in the training. Gajuri Palika Chief Rajendra Bikram Basnet including his fellow colleagues have been putting their efforts to uplift local communities.

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Dialogue on Civic Space

GoGo Foundation organized a dialogue between Member of Federal Parliament and CSO leaders on 'Civic Space' on 21 May 2019. MP Yogesh Bhattarai, MP Minkumar Bishowkarma, MP Jitendra Dev, MP Badri Pandey including senior government officials participated in the program. The CSO leaders strongly urged parliament members to respect freedom of association and freedom of speech.


Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index 2017

GoGo Foundation in association with the FHI 360/ICNL(supported by USAID) has published the Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI), 2017.  It measures the strengths and overall viability of the CSO sectors in more than 70 countries. The Asian version CSOSI Report covers nine South/East Asian countries - Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka and Thailand. See Press Release and full version of CSOSI 2017.

Earlier, this report was jointly unveiled by Speaker of Legislative Assembly Gandki Province Honb'le Netranath Adhikari, MP Prabha Koirala & NGO Federation's Kaski Chairperson Padma R. Pahari on 18 January 2019 in Pokhara, Gandaki Province, Nepal.

For more details:
Press Release (in Nepali)
Press Release (in English)

MEMORANDUM to Prime Minister and Speaker
GoGo Foundation facilitated 'Civil Society against Corruption (CSaC)' delegates to handover the Memorandum to the Prime Minister and Speaker on Anti-corruption Day.Read More...
CSO's Best Practices Sharing

Workshop on CSO Best Practices was organized on 21st November 2018 in Kathmandu by GoGo Foundation. The event was presided over by Anita Bindu, President, GoGo Foundation.ReadMore..

Dialogue with the Member of Parliamentarians & CSO Representatives: CSO Enabling Environment
GoGo Foundation organized a "Dialogue with the Member of Parliament and CSO Representatives on CSO related laws, problems, challenges and issues: for CSO Enabling Environment' at Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur on 21 September 2018. Read More...
GoGo Support
GoGo Foundation, extended support to the Transport Management Office, Lalitpur, Nepal to improve Driving License Delivery System by Digitizing and Indexing of 21,210 Driving License seized by Traffic Police for easy accessing and smart delivery to service seekers. Read More...

Nepal Ranked 4th Position with 4.3 Score on CSOSI

GoGo Foundation organized a program to jointly unveil the CSO Sustainability Index (CSOSI) 2016 on August 10, 2018 in Kathmandu. The program was Chaired by Anupraj Sharma, Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission while the special guests were Dinesh Thapaliya, Secretary, Federal Affairs and General Administration (MoFAGA), and Angelina Allen-Mpyisi, Director, Democracy and Governance Office, USAID, Kulman Ghising, Executive Director, Bishnu Sapkota, Chief of Party, FHI 360 and Krishna Pathak, Democracy and Governance Office, USAID and Kedar Khadka, ED of GoGo Foundation. Read More...
Completion of Social Audit Orientation
GoGo Foundation organized one day Social Audit Orientation with financial support of FHI360/USAID under CS: MAP on 27 July, 2018 at Manthali, Ramechhap District. The main objective of the event was to orient the CSO representatives on social audit mechanism and its significance in the present context. Read More...
Dialogue on Media and CSO Collaboration for Enabling Environmentlished
Across the globe, civil society organizations (CSOs) and media have been viewed as key components of vibrant democratic society. And Nepal is no exception. In the fight against the repressive forces, both have displayed their activeness and joined hands with the political actors for the restoration of democracy in Nepal. However, in recent times, there are reports of widening gulf between the media and civil society. There also emerging voices about allegation and counter allegation between them. Read More...
Accomplished Training to Civil Society Organization on Internal Governance and Self-Regulation

GoGo Foundation with financial support of FHI360/USAID under CS: MAP; organized one- day training to the representatives of Civil Society Organization on internal governance and self-regulation in Kathmandu on 25 June, 2018.. Read More...

CSO Dialogue with the Member of Parliamentarians!
GoGo Foundation organized a 'Dialogue with Member of Parliamentarians: CSO Enabling Environment' on 25 May 2018 in Kathmandu. The objective of the dialogue was to discuss on 'Shrinking Space' of the CSOs with the Parliamentarians. Read more...
Celebration of National Information Comission Day
GoGo Foundation team with its banner actively participated in the Rally organized by the National Information Commission's '10th Anniversary' of the establishment on 6 May 2018. Read More...
Training on CSO Internal Governance and Self-regulaton

GoGo Foundation organized a day long 'Training to CSO onInternalGovernance and Self-Regulation' in Kathmandu on 3rd May 2018. The training aims at developing capacity of CSO representatives on issues of internal governance and self-regulatory practices. Read More...

CSO Sustainability Index 2016
GoGo Foundation in association with the MSI/USAID has published CSO Sustainability (CSOSI) Report 2016. This report reflects latest information about the enabling environment of the CSO. This report is annually published by more than 70 countries of the globe. Asian version covered 7 countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand). Read More...
Expert Panel Discussion on CSO Sustainability Index-2017
GoGo Foundation in association with the FHI 360/USAID organized a Expert Panel Meeting to prepare Civil Society Sustainability Index (CSOSI) of 2017. This is an unique exercise to produce score with justifications to gauze enabling environment of CSOs in Nepal. Read More...
School Governance Campaign
GoGo Foundation under the 'Our Education Project' (funded by EuropeanUnion) organized a 3 days long 'CSO Capacity Building Training on Social Accountability Tools' from 9-11 March 2018 in Mahottarai District, Province-2 of Nepal.Read More...
Head Teacher Resource Book
GoGo Foundation's 'Our Education Project' in association with the Search for Common Ground & NCE-Nepal, has published the 'Head Teacher Resource Book'. We sincerely thank to author duos Prof Dr Manaprasad Wagle & Mahashram Sharma for writing such an important book to promote good governance in the public schools. Read More...
Social Accountability Training to Promote Public School Governance

GoGo Foundation's Hamro Sikshya (Our Education) Project organized two batches of 'Social Accountability Training to Promote Public School Governance' (3-5 Jan & 7-9 Jan 2018) in Janakpur, Province No. 2 of Nepal. Read More...


9 December: Anti-Corruption Day

GoGo Foundation in association with the National Coalition against Corruption (NCaC) celebrated 'Anti-corruption Day' on 9 December 2017 in Nepal. A leaflet containing 17 Questionnaires to newly elected Member of Parliamentarians along with the Municipality Mayors & Village Council's Representatives urging them to publicize their commitment to fight against corruption.  NCaC also placed Flex Board with anti-corruption message in different places i.e. Basantapur, Dillibazar, Maitighar Mandala and in front of the Lalitpur Metropolitan Office. NCaC is joint platform of CSOs to advance anti-corruption agenda in Nepal.  GoGo has been working as the focal point for Coalition.


In-depth Discussion on Social Audit

GoGo Foundation in association with the Norwegian Development Fund (DF) organized a discussion program on 7 November 2017 at its meeting hall.The objective of the meeting was to develop common understanding on implementation of Social Audit (SA). Read More...

Strengthen CSO's Role in the Law Making Process

GoGo Foundation, under Civil Society: Mutual Accountability Project (CS:MAP), with financial support from FHI360/USAID organized interaction program on 'Engagement of CSOs in law making process on 31 August 2017 in Kathmandu. Read More...
'Appan Shikshya' Radio Program
"Appan Shikshya" (Our Education) weekly radio program being broadcast in Maithili Language every Saturday at 7:30am from 6 FM radio stations (Dhanusha: Radio Mithila & Janakpur FM; Mahottari: Radio Rudrakshya & Radio Gaushala; and Siraha: Radio Samagra & Radio Salhesh. This program is being produced in cooperation with the Radio Mithila and in coordination with SFCG-Nepal and NCE-Nepal and produced by Our Education Project of GoGo Foundation. Read More...

CSOs and Media should work together for Strengthening Democracy

GoGo Foundation, under Civil Society: Mutual Accountability Project (CS:MAP), with financial support from FHI/USAID organized dialogue on 'CSOs and Media Collaboration for Enabling Environment' on June 16, 2017 in Kathmandu. Read More...

Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on CSOs

Civil Society: Mutual Accountability Project  organized a multi-stakeholder dialogue on CSOs: Challenges and Opportunities on 25 May, 2017 in Kathmandu (supported by FHI/USAID).Read More...

GoGo Launched CSO Sustainability Index
Nepal scored 4.4 with 5th rank among 7 South/South East Asian Countries

GoGo Foundation organized an event and successfully launched the Civil Society Sustainability Index (CSOSI) Report, 2015 on 26 February 2017 at the Trade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal.  This report is joint initiatives with MSI/USAID.

The CSOSI report was formally unveiled by Dr Somlal Subedi, Chief Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Minister, Nepal along with CSO activists and USAID representative. The hard copies of CSOSI Power Point presentation along with the Press Release was provided to all the participants and the journalists present at the event. Read more

The Full Report of CSOSI 2015 is availalable here.


GoGo Launched "Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI)" - Nepalese CSOs are Categorized in "Evolving" with 4.4 Score

GoGo Foundation in association with the Management System International (MSI) with support from USAID launched a regional CSO Sustainability Index (CSO-SI) on 11 February 2016. This Nepal report is an "excerpt" from the USAID Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI) for 2014. GoGo Foundation from Nepal is the local implementing partner for this global initiative. 

The first of its kind, has been published in the South/East Asian countries Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Read More...


GoGo Foundation's President honored

GoGo Foundation's President Kedar Khadka has been honored by the National Information Commission for his active contribution to promote citizen's Right to Information in Nepal. Read More...

GoGo Earthquake Response -2015

Following the devastating earthquake of 25 April 2015, GoGo Foundation immediately mobilized its staffs and volunteers to districts worst-affected by the earthquake. A total of 3,990 quake victims (696 households) received food items, blankets, sanitary items, medicines, mattresses and zink sheets. Read More

Sharing Program on Hong Kong's ICAC's Experience

GoGo Foundation organized a sharing workshop on 'Community Involvement in Fight against Corruption: Sharing Experiences from ICAC Hong Kong'.
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Refresher Training to Social Mobilizers

GoGo Foundation's resource persons facilitated a two day refresher training on social accountability to 15 social mobilizers of five municipalities. The refresher training was organized on 26-27 July 2013 Read More

GoGo Foundation Honored

Main Organizing Committee of Human Rights National Mega Meet-2012 has honored GoGo Foundation for its active role as an organizer to make the mega meet a grand success. Read More 

Orientation on SA Tools to Municipal Officials

GoGo Foundation's resource persons facilitated Social Accountability (SA) training to officials of five municipalities on 29-30 June 2013.The training was organized by Municipal Association of Nepal under financial support from The Asia Foundation. Read More

Participation in Decentralization & Local Governance Course

GoGo Foundation's Chief Operating Officer Mr Pranav Bhattarai participated in a three-week Certificate Course on Decentralization and Local Governance. The course was conducted by the Institute of Rural Management Read More

Social Accountability Exposure Visit

GoGo Foundation jointly with Pakistan Social Accountability Network successfully completed social accountability exposure visit comprising a team of 17 government officials, civil society activists and development professionals from Pakistan to Nepal. Read More 

Interaction on Minimization of Sexual Violence

GoGo Foundation and The Armed Police Force Family Women Association (APFFWA) ointly organized an interaction program on minimization of sexual violence against women Read More

GoGo President Khadka Awarded

GoGo Foundation's President Mr Kedar Khadka has been awarded with Good Governance Promotion Prize amidst a program in Kathmandu on 11 December 2012. Read More

Seminar on Quality Construction, Strong Monitoring & Need of Civic Vigilance

GoGo Foundation jointly with Institute of Governance and Development organized a seminar on Quality Construction, Strong Monitoring & Need of Civic Vigilance on 8 December 2012. Read More

Partnership with CDO Office

GoGo Foundation in joint efforts with the District Administration Office (DAO), Kathmandu, prepared and printed out ten thousands leaflets and two radio jingles on consumer rights. Read More

Training of Trainers on Community Score Card

GoGo Foundation in joint efforts with Janasewa Samaj Nepal organized Training of Trainers on Community Score Card on 2-5 August 2012, Buipa, Khotang. Read More


Featured event

GoGo Foundation honored Hari Bahadur Thapa, Chief Editor, Annapurna Post Daily with 'GoGo Foundation Award 2017 recognizing his outstanding and tireless effort for fighting corruption and contributing to improve governance through investigative journalism. Read More...
GoGo Foundation Award-2016

GoGo Foundation honored to a cherished administrator Kulman Ghising, Executive Director, Nepal Electricity Authority recognizing for his extraordinary contribution to ending load shedding in Nepal. He was honored by the GoGo Foundation Award, 2016 with cash prize Rs 11,111 along with the GoGo Foundation Running Shield.Read More

GoGo Foundation Award-2015

GoGo Foundation honored to Prof Dr Bhagawan Koirala, former Executive Director of the TU Teaching Hospital & Sahid Gangalal National Heart Center honored for his outstanding contribution to improve hospital service delivery.

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GoGo Foundation organized a "Seminar on Quality Construction, Strong Monitoring & Need of Civic Vigilance

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Partnership with the CDO Office, Kathmandu

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GoGo President Khadka Awarded

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Media Coverage


Appan Shikshya' Radio Program

GoGo Media Campaign

GoGo Earthquake Response - 2015 Radio Message

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Anti-Corruption Songs

GoGo Anti-Crorruption Song

GoGo Radio Jingles

Glimpses of GoGo Response to Earthquake- 2015