CSO Sustainability Index 2016

GoGo Foundation in association with the MSI/USAID has published CSO Sustainability (CSOSI) Report 2016. This report reflects latest information about the enabling environment of the CSO. This report is annually published by more than 70 countries of the globe. Asian version covered 7 countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand). In 2016, Nepal ranked 4th out of 7 countries of South Asia and South East Asia. The Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia ranked first, second & third respectively. CSOSI evaluates the country through seven dimension i.e. 'legal environment, organizational capacity, financial viability, advocacy, service provision, infrastructure and public image' of the CSOs in the respective countries. it is useful for the CSO related policy makers, researchers, civil society, media, academia etc.

The Full Report of CSOSI 2016 is availalable here: