MEMORANDUM to Prime Minister and Speaker

GoGo Foundation facilitated 'Civil Society against Corruption (CSaC)' delegates to handover the Memorandum to the Prime Minister and Speaker on Anti-corruption Day.

The CSaC handed over a MEMORANDUM to the Prime Minister K.P. Oli on 9th December 2018 at his offices, Kathmandu urging him to take 'zero tolerance' against corruption.  On same day CSaC delegates also handed over Memorandum to the Speaker of the Legislature Parliament Krishna B. Mahara urging him to demonstrate strong commitment from Legislature Parliament to fight against corruption.

The delegates also discussed with Sashi Shrestha, Chairman of State Affairs and Good Governance Committee,  Legislature Parliament on corruption mitigation strategies.  The delegates comprises former anti-graft agency's chief commissioner,academicians, ambassadors, opinion makers, lawyers, journalists, social activists including CSO leaders.