Social Accountability Exposure Visit

GoGo Foundation jointly with Pakistan Social Accountability Network successfully completed social accountability exposure visit comprising a team of 17 government officials, civil society activists and development professionals from Pakistan to Nepal. The visit was scheduled from 3-10 June 2013. The exposure visit aimed at mutual sharing and acquiring information on social accountability tools, practices, lesson learnt and challenges faced in the context of Nepal.

The team met with Chief Secretary Mr Lilamani Poudyal, Secretary Krishna Hari Baskota, Secretary of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority, Chief of National Vigilance Centre, senior officials of the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development including several others from civil society organizations and international development organizations. The Pakistani delegates were sensitized on how Nepal's diverse range of actors is implementing social accountability tools and approaches in various sectors to improve public service delivery and downward accountability. The team was also shared of initiatives of Nepal government in institutionalizing some of the social accountability tools such as Public Hearing, Public Audit and Social Audit in the context of Nepal.