Goal and Objectives


Uphold good governance through empowering citizen to improve public service delivery, to fight corruption, advocate for human rights & humanitarian needs.


  • To advocate for good governance and anti-corruption issues at local, regional and national level.
  • To raise awareness and develop capacity of the marginalized community for their equitable access to public goods, services, entitlements and humanitarian need.
  • To develop cappacity of the service providers on existing governance-friendly laws, directives and procedures to improve public service delivery.
  • To sensitize people on consumer rights and litigate cases of public interest issues at the court of law.
  • To promote accountability, transparency and participation through application of social accountability tools.
  • To galvanize policy changes through "supply side" and "demand side" interventions for corruption-free development efforts.
  • To promote civic awareness on Right to Information (RTI) for its effective implementation and encourage people to use RTI as an anti-corruption instrument.