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Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption-Nepal Chapter (GOPAC-N) is a national not-for-profit organization of the Legislature-Parliamentarians of Nepal with the objective of uniting all the like minded organizations and people to join their hands to foster transparency, accountability and the moment against corruption in the country. The objectives of GOPAC-N are as follows:

  • To enhance the Rule of Law and Accountability of government bodies in the country;
  • To make the parliamentarians more accountable towards the activities of the parliament and their government by enhancing their monitoring capacity
  • To motivate and facilitate the members of GOPAC-N to share information, knowledge and experience among each other
  • To motivate the parliament and fellow parliamentarians to make and implement the new law/s those will enhance Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability in the country
  • To raise awareness against corruption issue in our society and hence to enhance their tackling capacity against it
  • To lobby for the inclusion of Anti-corruption mechanism/s in all the government works
  • To organize national level workshops against corruption
  • To collaborate and help the international organizations in the works related to Good Governance, Transparency and Accountability
  • To disseminate the relevant information on corruption issues through website, email and other means
  • To collect the relevant resources to fulfill the above mentioned objectives.


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