Public Interest Litigation

GoGo Foundation has adopted Public Interest Litigation (PIL) to seek legal solutions to public interest issues and cases through prosecution in Nepal's courtroom. The PIL has been acclaimed as one of the effective strategies to push for solutions of cases or issues that entail enormous public interest value and importance by litigating them in judiciary. This approach has supported and ensured people's access to legal remedy of discriminatory laws or practices, especially the marginalized and discriminated community or groups who otherwise lack the resources or capacity to bring in courts by themselves.  

GoGo Foundation files public interest cases in courts to enforce the implementation of the laws and exact accountability of the concerned public agencies through litigation. It has been campaigning to promote good governance, anti-corruption, public service delivery, right to information and consumer rights through the public interest litigation. It has filed and supported cases relating to issues under its core working areas by enforcing the constitutional and legal provisions and rights granted to the people of Nepal.