Proposal call for "Community Outreach Program"

GoGo Foundation is implementing Hamro Shikshya Project which aims to strengthen Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) Role in Governance and Accountability of Nepal’s Education Sector. It is an EU funded project led by Search as Lead Partner with GoGo and NCE Nepal as Partners in 42 public secondary schools in Dhanusha, Mahottari and Siraha districts. One of the major activities that the project needs to undertake is Community Outreach with support from GoGo-trained partner LYCs and CSOs, by staging ‘street drama’ in 42 ‘Bastis’: 16 in Dhanusha and 13 each in Mahottari and Siraha districts (NB: ‘Basti’ is defined as a location located strategically closer to both project-covered schools and other schools in the area).

Request for Proposal
The project hereby invites proposals (not exceeding 5-6 pages covering all the points mentioned in the ToR) from qualified Vendors in Dhanusha, Mahottari and Siraha districts, who can provide services from a ‘single roof’, namely:

• a fully developed ‘script’ for ‘Street Drama’ capturing the essence of issues such as: school enrollment, school dropout, teacher absenteeism, non-existence or non-functioning of School Governance Mechanism (SGMs), lack of engagement of stakeholders, public vs. private schools, essential infrastructures for girl students, physically-disabled children, extra-curricular activities, Head Teacher’s and other Teachers’ performance, etc.,

• getting the community members, parents and children engaged through ‘street drama’ in meaningful discussions on issues such as: a) the role of SGMs - School Management Committee(SMC), Parents Teacher Association (PTA) and other stakeholders - in improving governance in project schools, b) the school education policy, c) education service standards, d) entitlements of students, e) codes of conduct of teaching staff and students, f) annual program and budget, etc., and

• providing necessary orientation/training to LYC or CSO provided volunteers/artists on the part they have to enact during ‘Street Drama’

The “Proposal for Community Outreach Program” must be submitted to:
with cc to:;;;;

Documents to be submitted along with the Proposal:
a) a brief but updated Company Profile, b) Photocopy of Registration with the appropriate GoN agency, c) Photocopy of Registration at VAT, d) Photocopy of Tax Clearance for last FY, e) Banking Details (Bank name, A/C name, A/C type, and A/C No. if possible), f) any letter of appreciation for doing work of similar nature.

(Please refer to the link below for a detailed ‘Terms of Reference’ with the list of settlements (‘bastis’) per district mapped by GoGo staff: at GoGo website

Last date of submission of proposal: 8 July 2018 (Sunday) or 24 Asadh 2075

Click on below links for dedails:

Dhanusha_Basti mapping
Mahottari_Basti mapping
Siraha_Basti mapping