Public Service Delivery

Nepal continues to suffer from unsatisfactory and often dysfunctional governance systems including rent seeking culture, malfeasance, misallocation of resources, ineffective revenue systems and weak delivery of vital public services. Such poor governance has led to poor outcomes in access to public services by the poor and other disadvantaged groups or members of Nepali society such as women, Dalits, Janajatis and minorities.

GoGo Foundation has taken up capacity building of "demand and supply side" as an approach to improve public sector governance and service delivery especially with respect to combating corruption and making services workable for the poor and the deprived. As a part of the demand-side intervention, GoGo Foundation works to empower citizens to use various social accountability tools to demand greater accountability and transparency in public service delivery from the local, regional and central government in Nepal.

GoGo Foundation also works to build capacity of the 'supply side' known as service providing agencies on various existing good-governance laws, directives, guidelines and procedures to improve the efficiency and equity of public services provision and for strengthening institutions of accountability in governance. Capacity development of public service agencies has been effective to make them aware of their legal obligations and duties in ensuring smooth, speedy and quality delivery of vital public services to people at large.