With an intent to educate, inform and empower people at different social strata, GoGo Foundation regularly publishes bulletins, newsletters, leaflets and information sheets including discussion papers, policy briefs and briefing papers on issues related to participatory governance, aid transparency, electoral integrity, service delivery, political financing, social accountability mechanisms, public sector corruption, political corruption, consumer rights and right to information, among others. Social activists, experts and staffs associated with the organization also regularly write articles and publish them in national newspapers (English and Nepali) on topical issues and themes pursued by GoGo Foundation. 

Sensitization activities conducted by GoGo Foundation include;

  • Publication and distribution of leaflets and booklets on public goods and services.
  • Thousands of leaflets distributed among people on consumer rights.
  • Dozens of jingles produced and broadcast through FM radios on consumer rights and right to information.
  • Door-to-door campaign for distribution of a booklet 'Tracking Resources' to empower people about free public goods, services and entitlements.

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