9 December 2019 International Anti-corruption Day Celebration

More than four hundred anti corruption activists took part in the rally to mark the 16th International Anti-corruption Day Rally organized by GoGo Foundation along with CS:MAP partners in close collaboration with the national level CSO-Media and stakeholders. The event was supported by FHI360/CS:MAP.

With the theme ‘Together, we are united against the corruption, the rally started from Bhrikuti Mandap-Bhadrikali reached Ratnapark and finally ended into corner meeting after reaching the starting point – Bhrikuti Mandap. The major objective of the campaign was to raise the awareness among the citizen against the corruption. The anti corruption activists marched carrying the play cards with different slogans saying the key messages against the corruption. Furthermore, throughout the rally, the local traditional folk singers played the folk music (Naumati Baja) drawing the attention of on lookers and commuters.

Likewise, addressing the mass gathering, founder member of GoGo Foundation and anticorruption activist Bishnu Pokhrel, said that “we should not only talk about what is corruption but should develop the habit of speaking against the corrupt people in common voice. We have two third majority governments at the center and we have ratified almost all international covenant related to corruption and developed the domestic anti corruption law. Despite this, why are not able to do away with corruption, he questioned in the event. If we want to make corruption free society, it is needed to work together to raise the voice against the corruption from grass root level to central level, he added further The other speaker was Ram Prasad Subedi, General Secretary of NGO Federation he also said that it is very sad that we are still considered as one of the most corruption countries in the world

Towards the end of mass gathering, Folk singer Krishna Kandel and his team from Indreni TV Program played the song and highlighted the issues of corruption through his song to sensitize the local people about the corruption and its far reaching impact.

After the rally, Anti-corruption Mobile Booth’ moved in and around the city including Baneshwor, Ratnapark, Tripureshwor, Patandhoka and Jwalakhel disseminating the information how citizen can unite against the social evil that has plagued the nation since time immemorial. During the rally and mobile booth against corruption, one thousand five hundred anticorruption leaflets and info-graph was distributed in those areas. The mobile booth was able to sensitize on lookers and commuters about the corruption