Accomplished Training to Civil Society Organization on Internal Governance and Self-Regulation

GoGo Foundation with financial support of FHI360/USAID under CS: MAP; organized one- day training to the representatives of Civil Society Organization on internal governance and self-regulation in Kathmandu on 25 June, 2018. Main objective of this training was to develop the capacity of CSO representatives on issues of internal governance and self-regulatory practices. Altogether 33 participants including 20 male and 13 female from different organizations took part with great zeal

Prior to the main session of the training, brief entry poll and exercise on internal governance of CSO in Nepal, recent government’s decision to shrink its space, and who is responsible for the existing state, and its solution for improvement was carried out. These exercise was very helpful to know the understanding of participants on internal governance related issues, and played vital role to creating the enabling environment of training.

The Executive Director of GoGo Foundation, Kedar Khadka and Resource Person Mr. Bishnu Prasad Pokhrel, jointly facilitated the event in which issues ranging from basic fundamentals of CSOs to present problems and challenges faced by them in the context of Nepal were discussed in length. The content discussed in the event included status of CSO in Nepal and who is responsible for its existing state. Likewise, the event also emphasized on the scenario of CSO in Nepal with reference to international context. Furthermore, the event also shed light on the constitutional provision regarding CSOs, evolution of CSO and NGO movement in Nepal.

Constitutional analyst , Mr Kanshi Raj Dahal, also facilitated one session in which he highlighted the existing legal frameworks and their relevance.. The constitutional expert also talked about the issue related with existing legislation such as RTI, warrant accountability and transparency in detail. He also emphasized on recent government’s decision saying that government can regulate and manage the CSOs but cannot control them in any democratic society.

The training senstized and widened the knowledge of the participants on international standards of internal governance and how CSOs should shape up themselves in a changed context from transparency and accountability perspectives. All participants had expressed the common voice and commitments for improvement of CSO’s internal governance and self-regulation in upcoming days.