Completed Projects/Programs

1) Nepal Earthquake Response-2015 (HAI/UK & The Asia Foundation)

2) Civil Society Sustainability Index (CSO-SI, 2014) – (MSI/USAID)

3) Production and Dissemination of TV & Radio Programs on “Right to Food” (Care Nepal)

4) Understanding the context of Nepal for Social Accountability Intervention.

5) National Seminar on Quality Construction, Strong Monitoring & Need of Civic Vigilance.

6) Production and dissemination of the Consumer Awareness Tools.

7) Facilitation of for high level Pakistani delegates on Social Accountability Learning visit to Nepal.

8) Develop Resource Book on Social Accountability for Social Mobilizers of the Municipalities.

9) Design training and facilitate the Social Accountability Training for Municipal Authorities and Social Mobilizers. 

10) Capacity Development. for Social Accountability Tools on Community Score Card, Public Hearing & Public Audit.

11) Capacity Development on Civic Education, Voter Registration & Election Monitoring for free, fair & credible election.

12) Minimization of Sexual Violence of the Police Forces.

13) Production of thematic resource materials on Social Accountability Tools.