GoGo Suggestions

GoGo Foundation regularly write ADVOCACY LETTERS to public agencies to improve public service delivery, ensuring transparency, accountability, right to information ultimate aiming to ensure good governance in the country:


GoGo submitted 11 points suggestions on 21 February 2018 to the Prime Minister, K.P. Oli just after his appointment to improve governance in Nepal.

GoGo suggested to the Constitution Assembly to strengthen anti-graft agency in the new constitution-

GoGo suggested to promulgate good governance friendly Constitution –

GoGo Suggested to Regularize Politically Motivated Government Employee Unions –

GoGo publicized an appeal urging political parties not to give candicacy to corrupts & include strong provision against corruption in respective Party Menifestos –

GoGo submitted 51 points suggestion to the Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai to improve public service delviery –