GoGo Support

GoGo Foundation, extended support to the Transport Management Office, Lalitpur, Nepal to improve Driving License Delivery System by Digitizing and Indexing of 21,210 Driving License seized by Traffic Police for easy accessing and smart delivery to service seekers. To complete this mission, GoGo mobilized more than a dozen volunteers for 21 days. GoGo Foundation’s Chairperson Anita Bindu and Executive Director Kedar Khadka jointly handed over the ‘digitized and indexed’ Driving License along with the database system to Lawannya P. Dhakal, Director General, Transport Management Department, Government of Nepal on 11 September 2018. Also, provided database system to the Chief of the Transport Office Shyam Singh on same occasion.

Previously License Placement at DOTM Office, Lalitpur

After GoGo Support Licence Placement