Governance refers to the way in which public officials and public institutions acquire and exercise political power to manage country’s affairs and resources. Good governance has been a top priority in development discourse for at least a decade now. Developing and least developed countries like Nepal have enormously felt pressures at all levels to create a more dynamic, proactive and deeper culture of citizen engagement in decision making processes and streamline its service delivery and governance process through enactment of historic laws like Good Governance (Management & Operation) Act. Nepal is the first country in South Asia to promulgate this law in 2006.

Swiftly changing roles of the state underlies the need to go beyond bureaucratic set up to reach beyond immediate circles of participation into wider reaches of the community. Engaging citizens in governance beyond the use of ballot box is an emerging phenomenon in governance discourse and is an essential element of participatory governance today. Getting citizens engaged in different levels of governance has also become an important step toward reinvigorating concept of good governance in recent decade. And in the last decade, Nepal has seen growing political commitment at the highest levels to give citizens more of a voice in public decisions by engaging the marginalized and discriminated communities and groups in making the state more responsive and accountable to their needs and priorities.

Good governance and anti-corruption are one of the thematic areas of GoGo Foundation. It works to build capacity of the ‘demand side’ so as to enable people to claim their entitlements, public goods and services. It lobbies at policy level and disseminates cases of governance failure and issues of corruption through regular in-house radio programs and bulletins to bridge them up to the policy level. GoGo Foundation also collaborates with local-level FM radio stations to disseminate anti-corruption messages and jingles to create demand for good governance from the bottom-up and uses social accountability tools to engage people in exacting accountability and transparency.

GoGo Foundation also conducts researches on governance and anti-corruption issues, and directly communicates the findings to the policy framers. It has been also collaborating with anti-graft bodies like the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) and National Vigilance Centre (NVC) for strengthening their capacity and partnership approach to beef up campaign for good governance and corruption control in Nepal.