GOPAC-Nepal Management Committee

Since it was considered not to be feasible to expect all GOPAC-Nepal Chapter Ad-hoc Committee members to be present in all of its meetings, it was agreed to form a seven-member ‘Management Committee’ headed by Hon’ble Mr Ram Kumar Chaudhary, Secretary, GOPAC-N as follows:

Chairman: Mr Ram Kumar Chaudhary, Secretary, GOPAC-N
Member: Ms Sushila Nepal (Mrs), Treasurer, GOPAC-N
Member: Mr Krishna Kishor Ghimire, Member, GOPAC-N
Member: Mr Gorakh Bahadur Bogati, Member, GOPAC-N
Member: Mr Kedar Khadka, Coordinator, NCaC and President, GoGo Foundation
Member: Mr Adarsha Tuladhar, Project Coordinator, TMS
Member: Ms Sangita Niraula, Treasurer, NCaC & Chairperson, Swati

In addition to the above members, Mr Jagannath Khatiwada, Chairperson, GOPAC-N and Mr Romi Gauchan Thakali, Vice-Chairperson, GOPAC-N will be the ex-officio members of the committee.

This committee has been delegated the authority to run day-to-day affairs to enable the secretariat office to function smoothly. In addition, the committee shall endeavor to keep the GOPAC-Nepal Chapter updated on the decisions made and to ensure that major decisions are properly sanctioned by the earlier mentioned Committee.