Media Advocacy

GoGo Foundation conducts advocacy and media campaign to promote good governance, social accountability, anti-corruption, consumer rights and right to information. GoGo Foundation as well as its district partners regularly organizes interactions, orientations, conferences, policy debate, consultation meetings and round-table programs on different dimensions of the thematic areas it has focused on. Media campaign is yet another powerful strategic approach of the organization to pursue its objectives. GoGo Foundation has been regularly producing and broadcasting Good Governance Radio Program, jingles and various electronic messages to advocate issues at wider level. Besides media campaign, it periodically publishes and distributes bulletins, newsletters, leaflets, policy briefs and briefing papers on topical policy issues.     

Advocacy and Media Campaign conducted by GoGo Foundation include;

  • Regular interaction programs, policy debates, consultation meetings and roundtable programs on contemporary policy issues.
  • Broadcasting of fortnightly Good Governance Radio Program through Good Governance Radio Network (GGRN).
  • Distribution of by-monthly newsletter “Governance and Corruption Monitor” among various concerned stakeholders.
  • Distribution of various thematic leaflets, policy briefs, issue papers and briefing papers among target groups and audiences.