GoGo Foundation produces and broadcast television program through national television channel focusing on “Right to Food” (RtF) issues.  The modalities of the TV program is studio based with Q&A format between parliamentarians, policy and opinion makers. GoGo Foundation explores to engage some general target audience as well. The program brings RtF issues on evidence-based discussions and try to infleunce this issue to incorporate in the new Constitution of Nepal.

Television Programs on Right to Food (RtF)
Guest speakers: Dr Keshav Khadka,
Agriculture Economist &
Advocate Dinmani Pokhrel,
RtF Campaigner
Guest speakers: Dr Prem Dangal,
Member, National Planning
Commission & Dr Udaya Chandra
Thakur, Joint Secretary, Ministry of
Agriculture Development
Guest speakers: Former Minister &
MP Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat &
MP Rabindra Adhikari
Radio ProgramsGoGo Earthquake Response – 2015: Radio Message‘Appan Shikshya’ Radio ProgramAnti-Corruption SongRadio Jingles

GoGo Foundation produces weekly radio program and on air through 9 FM Radio stations (Bhojpur, Dhankuta, Udayapur, Siraha, Okhaldhunga, Ramechhap, Kathmandu, Achham and Doti districts). The program focuses on Right to Food (RtF) issues with field reports, interviews and also studio production. The program capture the target audience as well as intermediary’s voices and bridge between parliamentarians, policy and opinion makers. The program brings RtF issues and try to influence to incoprorate in the new constitution of Nepal

RtF Radio
RtF Radio
RtF Radio
RtF Radio
RtF Radio
RtF Radio
RtF Radio
RtF Radio

GoGo Foundation in partnership with the Human Appeal International, produced Radio Message to make allert on HEALTH & HYGIENE of people in the earthqyake affected districts.

GoGo Earthquake Response-2015

“Appan Shikshya” (Our Education) weekly radio program being broadcast in Maithili Language every Saturday at 7:30am from 6 FM radio stations (Dhanusha: Radio Mithila & Janakpur FM; Mahottari: Radio Rudrakshya & Radio Gaushala; and Siraha: Radio Samagra & Radio Salhesh. This program is being produced in cooperation with the Radio Mithila and in coordination with SFCG-Nepal and NCE-Nepal and produced by Our Education Project of GoGo Foundation.

Appan Shikshya radio program is mainly focused in making school management committee, parent-teacher association, teachers including child club members aware on education related rules/regulations, teaching/learning best examples, voices of the teachers, students, guardians including SMC’s members to improve school governance. It also aims to enhance roles of CSOs to improve accountability & transparency in school education.

The inaugural episode of Appan Shikshya was broadcast on 8 July 2017 with very encouraging messages of felicitation from education sector dignitaries including Mr Shanta B. Shrestha, Secretary, Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal.

Our Education Project is being implemented in 3 Tarai districts – Dhanusha, Mahottari & Siraha districts. This program covers 42 secondary level public schools (Dhanusa-16. Mahottari-13 & Siraha-13). The project is funded by European Commission for a period from August 2016 to March 2019).

Appan Shikshya-5
Appan Shikshya-6
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Appan Shikshya-11
Appan Shikshya-12
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Special Episodes

Appan Shikshya-Special Program
Special Episode-1
Special Episode-2
Anti-Corruption Song
Are you aware of consumer rights?
What are prohibited provisions regarding goods & services?

Earthquake Response to Belkot, Nuwakot District, Nepal

Earthquake Response to Namadi, Ramechhap District, Nepal

Earthquake Response to Lakuridanda, Dolakha District, Nepal

Earthquake Response to Jilling, Nuwakot District, Nepal