Policies and Guidelines
GoGo Foundation has a statute which is a principal governing institutional policy. In line with the statute, there are:
(1) Administrative Directive (2) Financial Directive and (3) Code of Conduct of GoGo Foundation Employees. The organization will manage its administration, finances and staff recruitment based on these policies. In addition to these, GoGo Foundation has a number of policies and guidelines such as: (1) ‘Good Governance Policy; (2) Anti-Corruption Policy; and (3) Sexual Harrashment Policy; (4) GoGo Longterm Visioning Plan to promote sound internal governance and practices. These policies are applicable to its Executive Committee Members, General Members, Staffs and Network Partners to institutionalize good governance-friendly practices from within. These policies strictly bar its executive committee members, general members, staffs and network partners from indulging in any kind of unfair and corrupt practices.

The institution also has “Workforce Diversity Policy” which embraces positive discrimination approach to encourage and induct applicants from women, dalit, janjatis, madhesi and other marginalized groups as it human resources in different projects and programs. The organizational statute has clearly differentiated the roles and functions of the executive board and staff members. No members of the executive committee can be full-time employees in the GoGo Foundation and they can’t also hold dual positions in the organization.

Since its inception, GoGo Foundation is very much sensitive in not distributing its membership to family members (single & extended) and close relatives. The organization has taken a policy decision of “One Family, One Membership” approach. Because of this, none of the members are relatives and close family members of any founding member or any executive office holder of the organization. The organization has been very much sensitive toward this issue of family hegemony and nepotism, and wants to discourage right from membership distribution and recruitment of the staffs.

The organization has embraced sound accounting procedures, auditing its finances through independent auditor, making available its financial information through its websites and on request from anybody. Transaction such as paying salaries or making payments to parties is always made through cheques. And there is no any practice of deducting any portion of money from the salary of its staffs in any name and pretext.

(Note: The directives and policies can be obtained from GoGo Foundation clearly stating the reason through written request).