Sharing Program on Hong Kong’s ICAC’s Experience

GoGo Foundation organized a sharing workshop on ‘Community Involvement in Fight against Corruption: Sharing Experiences from ICAC Hong Kong’.  Hong Kong’s Independent Commission against Corruption’s (ICAC) is considered one of the best models in fighting corruption worldwide. Former Commissioner of the ICAC Mr Bertrand de Spivielle shared his experiences in fighting corruption as a chief of the ICAC. He believed that community involvement is crucial to dealing with corruption by educating them about incidence of corruption as a malaise. President of the GoGo Foundation Mr Kedar Khadka chaired the session. Anti-corruption expert Dr Narayan Manandhar also shared hisexperiences and highlighted obstacles in fighting corruption in Nepal. Mr Pranav Bhattarai, Chief Operating Officer, had extended a vote of thanks to the participants which included social society representatives, donor community, government offices, lawyers and the media.